Sunday, April 4, 2010

Strokes of Genius

I take a lot of photographs. I have created slide shows for my students to share with them the wonder of color, line and form. It is to teach them to see. It is not a simple task, as many of them have never taken the time to explore up close what is around them. I had taken a series of photos of vegetables at the Portland Farmers Market. My own children saw the variety of colors and forms before them and were in awe. My students were blown away by the richness of color and the cornucopia seen as images on a screen. I have taken flowers for still-life projects, and encouraged students to go eye to stamen to really see the details. Besides the touch of pollen on their noses, they were engaged by the details. This photo of a resident bluebonnet reminds me of the beauty in the details. The simple wonder of what lies just beyond our doorstep, and when we really look, the wonder of that stroke of genius.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Broadening Horizons...

When I think of my learning, I picture myself climbing up a hill and making it to the top to find more on the other side. As I make my way, I discover new things, or new "thinks" as Dr. Seuss might have said, and realize that the path is just a stepping stone, the hill offers a view of what else is possible.

I am headed to the NAEA convention in a few days. I'll be presenting which will be fun. I will also be connecting with incredible people--some I have met already, and have started to get to know, then there will be others who will be new acquaintances. They are all part of that journey, leading to new "thinks" and broadening not just my horizons but those of my students. I cannot wait for that view.