Monday, November 29, 2010

Get Ready, Get Set, Sketch!

There are some fantastic sites that focus on sketching and on sketchbooks. One of these is SketchCrawl which celebrates sketching with drawing marathons from around the world
On 01.22.11, they will be celebrating their 30th Sketch Crawl, and this is all you need: Materials. If you are looking for inspiration on creating your own sketchbooks, check out this neat site (Thank you, @craigr on Twitter!)
Take a look at the SketchCrawl Flickr site for further inspiration!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Connecting through Art Ed!

I learn so much from my PLN! I finished compiling the resources for the TAEA Elementary Division wiki and am amazed at what we can glean from fellow art educators from all over the country. I am so impressed by educators at every level, who pool ideas, links, and their own creativity to immerse their students in new endeavors. One of the art educators whose websites and blogs inspire us to do more is Craig Roland (@craigr on Twitter) whose Art Junction site lead me to find this link to an article about sketchbooks. TAEA has created a new sketchbook initiative to engage the artist within each teacher, and this post provides some food for thought. As a way of inspiring elementary art educators to participate, we launched a theme for elementary: Connecting! So let's start connecting our thoughts, media and creativity, and immerse ourselves in creating art!

Inspired by Others

fine_arts_studio Made with My Cool Signs.Net

I took a little time this morning to take a look at what others are doing on their art blogs and websites. It is so inspiring. I found this sign maker via one of those discoveries. There are so many great art educators out there, who bring in so much to their classrooms, share their ideas, and connect with others. I love what these educators are doing to inspire children of all ages through art education.
I am going to add more links to the blog roll to connect to these incredible teachers. So much to learn!