Monday, November 29, 2010

Get Ready, Get Set, Sketch!

There are some fantastic sites that focus on sketching and on sketchbooks. One of these is SketchCrawl which celebrates sketching with drawing marathons from around the world
On 01.22.11, they will be celebrating their 30th Sketch Crawl, and this is all you need: Materials. If you are looking for inspiration on creating your own sketchbooks, check out this neat site (Thank you, @craigr on Twitter!)
Take a look at the SketchCrawl Flickr site for further inspiration!


  1. I love the sketchbook ideas. Thanks for reposting that link. jan

  2. I wonder if they do SketchCrawls during the week ever so we can do them in our classes with kids? I guess I could host an "unofficial" one the day before... to advertise for the Saturday event.

    Have you ever held one with kids before?

  3. I haven't participated but, I was planning on getting the journals ready for an "unofficial" sketch crawl around our school and grounds. Thanks for the comments!