Wednesday, January 30, 2013

QR Codes Share our Knowledge!

The Fine Arts Studio loves QR Codes. We have been using these digital tools as a means to sharing what we know beyond the confines of our RJR walls. QR codes link to a URL address using the specific coding design, enabling us to save the code as an image in JPG format. We upload this image to each gallery on Artsonia, enabling those who participated in the project to share with their respective families. The QR code can be read by a 3DS, iPod, iPad or smartphone, with apps (applications) like Neo-reader and Scan, which are free. The app views the QR code in the screen, "reads" it, and redirects to the site coded in the image. That's neat!

We created a QR code very easily:
After our VoiceThread was complete, we are able to share the VoiceThread through a specific link. I copied the link (right click, copy) then pasted the link into the URL shortening site called (right click, paste in the shortening bar) Click on Shorten link, and "presto!" the link is shortened. The next part is what one needs for the QR code:
Copy the shortened URL, paste it in the address bar at the top of the page and type " .qr" (dot, letter "q", letter "r") right at the end of the shortened address. Then, be ready for the QR magic: click enter, and a large QR code will appear. One can test the QR code by reading the code with a QR code reader. It should link directly to the website encoded in the image. I print that, take a photo to upload to Artsonia, then give that page to the student for them to take home.

Check out this "work of art" by 4th graders: The Historic Missions of Texas. Be sure to turn up the volume to hear their reports!

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