Monday, March 3, 2014

Reading, Writing and Art! The 3 R's...

March is Youth Art Month!

We launch this month's post with the celebration of reading through Dr. Seuss--with his birthday today, the nation is also celebrating Read across America, a push for reading experiences for every child. This great poem says it best:

You're never too old, too wacky, too wild,
To pick up a book and read with a child.
You're never too busy, too cool, or too hot,
To pick up a book and share what you've got.

In schools and communities,
Let's gather around,
Let's pick up a book,
Let's pass it around.

There are kids all around you,
Kids who will need
Someone to hug,
Someone to read.

Come join us March 3rd
Your own special way
And make this America's
Read to Kids Day.

In the Fine Arts Studio, we make the connection to reading every day, when we look at a work of art. We are essentially "reading" the work as text, making observations and deriving meaning from the artist's intent. As we share our observations, make connections to the ways of creating art to the ways of thinking, we can determine how different artists create artworks and in turn, learn about the ways we can create work too. The works of art tell stories, make connections to history, and develop an appreciation for different cultures and ideas. If you are a RJR parent, please ask your children which works of art they looked at over the course of the last few weeks, they are sharing their learning with others through the use of Venn Diagrams.
As we look at and discuss art, reading and writing, we see how important all of these activities are for the education of the whole child. What are some ways you tie in reading and writing in your art classroom?

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