Saturday, September 27, 2014

Exploring with TASK

Students love the open-ended opportunities found through TASK. Created by Oliver Herring, TASK is a participatory, action and exploration experience for all ages, which nurtures creative thinking and divergent outcomes.

This example made by a 4th grader was prompted by the TASK: Score a point for the Spurs! She created a full mini-basketball court with an interactive ball for others to "play" basketball too.

This birthday cake was prompted by the TASK: Celebrate with a friend! 
Here is an example of a student's response to the TASK: Perform a magic trick! We didn't necessarily have a magic set in the classroom, but he adapted classroom supplies, applied some science, and performed a "magic" trick for others. Problem-solving, and innovative thinking through "creating."

Students had access to specific materials which served as one of the constraints, the other constraint was time, as this took place in less than a full class period, allowing time for presentation and reflection.

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