Friday, July 9, 2010

On that learning curve...

Through PBS Teachers, I signed up for the Teacherline "Teaching with Webquests for K-12" online course. It is my first online class and I am enjoying the challenge. As I had only seen one example of a WebQuest, it is fascinating to see the multiple ways of engaging learners through this web-based tool. I discovered this video that gives an overview of what a webquest is: example 1 with a followup video that shows the steps necessary for putting one together: example 2 While each webquest is unique, the approach is the same--leading students through a structured environment in which they must respond to specific tasks and create a product. It is inquiry-based learning at its best, and I can't wait to get mine put together so that my students can create some really neat works of art, inspired by their learning. I see the webquest model as a way of implementing art history, language arts, social studies, technology and creative expression. I just love the multi-disciplinary approach to learning. It makes it exciting for all of us!

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