Sunday, June 12, 2011


We all learn from one another. We are inspired, fueled, and pushed by our observations of others' work, their aesthetic, and their techniques. At CEDFA's Summit XII, I was learning from the participants while I was sharing my approach to the work I do in and out of the art classroom.
I will be sharing more of what Nancy and I presented, but I want to take a side-step and share a blog that always catches my eye:
New City Arts is an incredible K-6 art program in St. Louis. I wish I could go to school there!
Take a look at her architectural projects with various grades. Check out the wonderful birds her students created from working pinch pots of clay. And the snails... The creative connections that New City Arts makes inspires her students to explore ideas and approaches. She gathers inspiration from her community, from Art21 and the multiple intelligences. Each work is celebrated. Each work is special. Thanks New City Arts for sharing your great work!


  1. I love her blog also.
    She creates some amazing artwork with her students.

  2. I'm blushing:) Thank you for the kind words of support!!! Made my day.

    As the only art teacher at my school, it is so easy to feel isolated. I walk past other rooms in the hall and feel a little jealous when I see grade level teams meeting, planning, and laughing together! How wonderful to find that I now have a world of art teacher colleagues through blogging. I'm continually inspired, challenged, and am a better teacher because of what you all share. Please know that the feeling is mutual:)