Monday, June 13, 2011

Taking a Leap!

Well, I did it. I completed my first effort at National Board Certification. I know it isn't fully complete. I submitted my box amidst plans for school, community and state art exhibits for Youth Art Month, and a substantial list of other to-do's that in my zeal for getting it all done, somehow all culminated in being due at or around the same time. I could have decided to let it go, to not follow through. Instead I realized that sending the box in with two entries was better than not sending it in at all. Then it was year-end, and my daughter's wedding approached, and I had the assessment exercises to complete, as well as presentations for CEDFA. Like I wrote earlier, doesn't it all happen at once? Her wedding was the most important. I moved the other items way down the list. Somehow I felt it would all come together. I am so impressed with my colleagues who achieved NBCT in one year. "Wow!" That is something. But I had to decide what was right for me. That is why I am sharing this. I want to encourage others to take the leap of school (if that is what you interests you...) or national board certification (if that is what you want to try) and realize that taking a leap requires taking a risk. It is okay to leap and see where we land.


  1. I had no idea you were going through work for the boards! Wow! Well, best wishes to you. Enjoy the time off from all that hard work. November is a long way off. jan.......class of '07

  2. Yeah for you Samantha! With all the things on your plate it's amazing that you still followed through. Good move though. I like that you set your priorities on your family even when the pressure is on. Well done and dulely noted:)