Monday, June 25, 2012


What an honor! I was just recently nominated for the 2012 Most Fascinating Art Teacher Blog. I just think being considered for this is wonderful, and I appreciate the nomination! Please take a look at the other nominees as well--there is some great reading to be had about art education practice. It all comes to down to "What is Art Ed?" which was the post for which I was nominated. As we continue to look at our teaching practice, we need to eliminate that which does not push our students and add to what does. We need to shift from the one artist/one product model in art education and allow students to pursue their own artistic question within the constraints of media and time. How can we challenge our students to think more divergently? How can we challenge our students to be "problem-finders" rather than just problem-solvers? Today is the last day for voting for the Most Fascinating Art Teacher Blog, enjoy the reading.

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