Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A New Tool for Advocacy

I recently discovered a new tool for sharing information on the web. It is from Smore which allows us to create online flyers which can be embedded into blogs and websites, shared via Facebook and Twitter, and emailed to a distribution list. I created one to share with members of the Texas Art Education Association as a reminder of our TASA/TASB convention art exhibit. I love how easy it was to create. I see lots of possibilities for sharing news and announcements with parents and colleagues, as well as publicizing art events and opportunities for the art education association. In case you were wondering, the TASA/TASB convention is for Texas superintendents and school board members to learn more about best practices, new ideas in education and participate in workshops and presentations. TAEA participates annually through an art exhibit of K-12 student work from across the state. This is a great advocacy opportunity for schools and districts around the state as board members and superintendents search high and low for their district's art work. They want their district represented! And we, in turn, are there to advocate for art education. The new deadline is September 15th! If you are a TAEA member, be sure to register online and mail your students' work to me directly. There is information in the TAEA YAM booklet on the TAEA website. If you would like to become a member of TAEA, you can join online at

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