Monday, February 4, 2013

Clip and Collect: Box Tops for Education

We have a mission!

Our goal is to get to the Blanton Museum of Art, in Austin, for our 5th grade field trip. It is an expensive trip. We take four buses into Austin for the day. We split up into groups, some tour the State Capitol first, others go straight to the museum, we meet back at the State Capitol grounds for a picnic and after everyone has had a full day of art, history and culture, we head back to school.

Help us get there! Clip and collect Box Tops for Education found on many grocery items. Collect them in a baggy and send them with your student to the Fine Arts Studio. Deadline for this year's collection is February 22nd. That will give us time to count and ship them to BFE. They are our tickets to the wonderful sights in the city!

Box Tops logo with website

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