Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lots of Excitement in One Day!

It's a big day. I am ready to go on a big road trip, the car is packed. I have snacks and art supplies. I am driving to Florida for the start of graduate school at the University of Florida. I am excited! I will be participating in the Summer Studio sessions for my Master's of Arts in Art Education. I am a little nervous, but the thought of focusing fully on creating work in the next two weeks, of being an art student in an art studio soothes the anxiety. Now I just have to get there.
Meanwhile, I got news this morning, that a video I remixed while on the road with my son in Salt Lake City and submitted to Education Closet's STEAMed Innovation Awards, was selected as a semi-finalist! Thank you, Animoto, ( for enabling remixing as I had the material just not the laptop!

Now we need your votes! There are ten awesome semi-finalists. Three of them can be Finalists. In order for RJR to be finalist, we need you to vote for "Crank It up a Notch!" You can vote early and often up until July 19th. Vote here:

Here is our video submission. Many thanks to Crayola and the NAESP for the Champion Creatively Alive Children grant that funded this project for the Fine Arts Studio in 2010.

STEAMed Innovation from the Fine Arts Studio @ RJR from Samantha Melvin on Vimeo.

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